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B.T. Leigh

I am in love with TonzKitchen Hot Chili Oil. Savory and unctuous with a slight funky twang and that amazing spike of crunchy chile flake- this oil enhances everything and has become my go-to flavor enhancer when I want that extra kick, crunch and savory finish. Sprinkle generously!


Brian M.

We love TonzKitchen Hot Chili Oil! It is delicious and adds a nice kick to almost any dish. We especially like using it to spice up eggs, roasted vegetables, soups, marinades and salads. It is a new staple in our kitchen. 


James W.

I use this chili oil on almost everything! I used to reach for sriracha whenever I ate eggs, burritos, ramen, or even sandwiches. Now, I only use this chili oil. Great for cooking or just dipping!


Sue R.

Great complex flavor with just a little heat.  I use this to marinate and dip meats into.  Delicious!

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