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About TonzKitchen

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Welcome to Tonz' Kitchen! I'm excited to share my story through my passion of food & flavor with you.
As a Korean adoptee born in South Korea, my experience and identity have been shaped by my unique background. Growing up in Midwest, my adoptive mother made sure to keep me connected to my heritage and culture, which included celebrating my brother and my "Arrival Day" to mark our journey to becoming part of our family.

On Arrival Day, my mom would bust out this little orange cookbook filled with Korean recipes like bulgogi, japchae, and mandu. It was a celebration of our heritage and always a favorite. This tradition had a huge impact on me, deepening my connection to Korea through food.

When I'm not cooking, you'll find me exploring local restaurants and breweries in the Twin Cities. I also love spending time with my wife, our dog Frankie, and our loved ones.

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you checking out my page and the support!

Much Love and Thank You

IMG_9645 2.JPG

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