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Hi! By now, you've probably seen a lot of my content.. Whether it's this website, my instagram, or just knowing me in-person, I LOVE sharing my experiences/memories over food & drinks. Especially

As you also saw in the header, I was born in South Korea, but raised in the Midwest/Minnesota majority of my life. Growing up, my mom always made sure I was familiar with my culture and heritage.


A great representation of this was celebrating my brother and I's "Arrival Day", or the day we came to America and to my family.


Growing up in Minnesota, you can imagine the palate our Midwestern diets had: meat and potatoes, always with a side of fruit or another vegetable to fill the plate. The spices that weren't collecting dust in the cupboard were salt and pepper shakers.

However, on Arrival Day, my mom would whip out this little orange cookbook filled with Korean recipes like Bulgogi, japchae, mandu, and more. She'd make us all of our favorites to celebrate and become more aware of who we are. Over the years, this tradition had a massive impact on me and how I view food in relation to my heritage, deepening my connection to Korea.

When I'm not busy in the kitchen, you'll find me traveling around the Twin Cities/Minnesota searching for/enjoying local restaurants, going to breweries and spending time with family, friends, and my girlfriend/our dog Frankie!


Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you for checking out my page and the support!


Much love and 감사합니다 (thank you).

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